Expansion Team Soundsystem

(DJ Babu & Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples))

DJ Babu (of the World Famous Beat Junkies/Dilated Peoples) and Rakaa (aka Iriscience of Dilated Peoples/Rock Steady Crew/Zulu Nation) are Expansion Team Soundsystem -- a classic yet progressive Party Rocking duo. Inspired by the essence of classic Hip-Hop culture, the duo looks to break away from the rigid boundaries often imposed by the music industry. "Babu and I were on stage before we were making records so we know what were doing" states Rakaa. "We're having a great time and business is good outside of the lines." 
Expansion Team Soundsystem formed in the summer of 2004 out of a true love to move crowds around the world, and with the desire to maintain the tradition of DJs and MCs that began before rap concerts. Beginning as solo DJing gigs for Babu, they soon included Rakaa as the master of ceremonies; keeping the pace and accenting sets with rhymes. Combining key elements from party DJing, turntablism, lyricism, club hosting and dancehall spices, they created an awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind Hip-Hop rocking experience. "ETS is something that developed naturally with Rakaa on the mic, me on the turntables, and us just rocking a party together and having fun" says Babu. "We really try to keep it spontaneous and connect with the crowd."